Trash to Art

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The Trash to Art Competition

This event took place on February 2nd at The Re Source Depot on St. John.

Sponsored by Coral Bay Community Council, high school students from Gifft Hill School and Eudora Kean took items from the landfill and “repurposed” them into various works of art.

6 teams participated in the competition and had 90 minutes to complete their art work.

3 judges: Alice Krall VIWMA, Julius Jackson professional boxer/chef, Dhymond Nicholls-“Dimes and Nickels” co-creator

Winning team: Tyreke Morton, Maeven Parsil, Deiondra Chaldwell and Cheyenne Richardson made a mangrove scene from their materials.


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St. Thomas (340)715-9100

St. John (340)774-2141