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(Virgin Islands) The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority (“VIWMA” or “Authority”) reminds all residents to only flush toilet paper down the drain. Do not flush disinfecting wipes nor other nonflushableitems. Always dispose of non-flushable items in the trash. While the CDC and WHO continuesto encourage disinfecting surfaces in your home and workplace to prevent the spread of COVID-19, neverflush disinfecting or other wipes down the toilet. Disinfecting surfaces will prevent the spread of COVIDand placing used wipes in the trash shall keep the Virgin Islands wastewater collection systems free fromblockages.


Toilet and sewer backups are an environmental hazard and can pose a threat to human health. Backupsand overflows onto our public streets are a challenge to the dedicated VIWMA employees. Baby wipes,food, hair, grease and oil; these items can damage your homes’ internal plumbing and septic systemsalong with the Territory’s sewer lines, wastewater pump stations and treatment facilities. Addressingthese backups and overflows cost the Authority up to a half-million dollars annually, as well as divertsresources away from preventative maintenance.


The VIWMA thanks our dedicated essential employees; having an operational wastewater collection andtreatment system is critical to preserving resident’s public health. The Authority recognizes that ourwastewater and solid waste employees, including contractors, are everyday heroes on the frontline ofprotecting human health and the environment.


When you see our essential workers performing their jobs throughout the community, pleaseacknowledge their contributions. A kind word of appreciation makes a difference, as always pleaseremember to practice social distancing.


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